Was Albert Pike REALLY in France on July 14, 1889?


Was Albert Pike REALLY in France on July 14, 1889? [version 2.1, 17 September 2000 e.v.]


Was Albert Pike REALLY in France
on July 14, 1889?

[version 2.1, 17 September 2000 e.v.][Dedicated to the unmasking and betrayal of ignorance and stupidity everywhere it rears its ugly head, no matter how square and normal or how respectable it might appear to be. In short, dedicated to the scourging of all fundagelicals of whatever religious persuasion, and in particular to those who tried to scourge us ten years ago in Brea California.]

WITH all the hoopla that has ensued since A. C. de la Rive penned that infamous account in La Femme et l’Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle, it would seem that more than one tried and trusty Brother would have come forward to the appropriate media sources and laid bare the facts in the possession of any well-stocked Masonic Library. Oh, it’s true, any of the enemies out there who are infected with rabies, as they all tend to be, would just tighten up and say, “Oh! Well, you can’t believe what they write about themselves!” Yet we are to believe what these self-serving psychopaths say about themselves. That is like refusing to believe that the world is round after seeing it from space, because it doesn’t say it is round in any of the edicts published by any of the churches or in the Bible itself. Or it is like saying that we can’t trust the Constitution of the United States for similar reasons. It just doesn’t wash!

If the Brethren who are in possession of a well-stocked library, or have access to the Grand Lodge Library in their state were to access a copy of History of the Supreme Council 33° 1861 – 1891, by James Carter, then a lot of air would be cleared.

Leo Taxil

Leo Taxil

Zealous anti-masons refuse to accept facts and reason, yet they follow the op-ed pages of a newspaper owned by a South Korean Cult Leader! As the late Aleister Crowley once said, “Corned-beef Hash: food suitable for Americans!”

What we can add to the controversy is perhaps some clarity. We will not regard the authors of these infamous forgeries as lunatics, or as mere pretenders, like Robinson did, in The Pilgrim’s Path, a fine work. No, the person or persons responsible for this mess were very crafty. Today we would call them experts at Psy-Ops That is, Black Propaganda. Mix lies and truth in equal proportion, and push the lie as the absolute god-sent truth, with the sole intention of deceiving your target population, and working over their minds, like lush workers in the subways of New York in the 40s and 50s! Ingenious!

Our ancestors, for the most part, were Freemasons. And, before that, in some cases, members of and/or adherents to the Stuart Cause in Scotland, and before that…French Huguenots, actual German Rosicrucians, Alchemists, Scientists, Templars(not the kind we see today, but the real macoy). Therefore, we have a real stake in this ongoing battle. We are not presently on the membership rolls of any lodge, nor have we ever been initiated. (Self-Initiation excluded.) Rather, we have spent the past ten years or so studying our Ancestral Traditions.

Our present purpose is to offer some information. In “Lady Queensborough”‘s Occult Theocracy (OccTheoc for short) we are given the sole quote that most of us will ever get access to. As anyone who has ever bothered to read Morals and Dogma (M&D) will see, Pike is to be praised for giving us alternate translations of the late great Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant) that haven’t been garbled by the incompetent Arthur Edward Waite. All the Lucifer material in M&D has been taken from Levi, not written by Pike himself.

And what has been written by Levi is not in praise of Lucifer, but is written scornfully. Just because Lucifer is in the Bible does that mean we should regard the Bible as a subversive book? Oy Vey! If one were to look into the matter responsibly, one would find that there never was such an Entity as Lucifer, in the sense applied to it by hack-writers and half-baked theologians. Sure, the Romans had Lucifer. In the Jewish context, it is Hillel ben Shachar, son of the dawn, son of the morning star. Compare that with the 22nd Chapter of Revelation in the New Dispensation! It is exactly the same thing. In fact, we could go on (without exaggerating) to say that Fundamentalists worship the one they hate and fear the most and hate and fear the one they regard superficially as the figurehead of their religion. If the son of Joseph and Mary were to all of a sudden appear, incognito, he would most certainly be appalled at the nonsense erected in his name, and would proceed to hang out with the outcasts and sinners, who at least have an interesting life to live.

We have read M&D three times at least, and find nothing in it to be repulsive, the only request being that it be longer! 861 pages is not even enough for a table of contents for the subjects briefly covered.

One clue in the forged speech to the “23 Supreme Councils of the World” is that nowhere in Pike’s writings have we ever found the word Adonay. Adonai, yes. That is important.

Important too, is the fact of history. In 1889 e.v., Pike was in a failing condition, health-wise. The Order to which he gave a lifetime of service was in dire straits, financially, so, if they really did have their “Arcula Mystica” or Telephones, then they were stupid for not marketing them! If one were to consult the written record, one would find that Pike was going all over the country, within his Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, making appeals for funds and conducting membership drives. The American Civil War cost the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite dearly.

So, for them to be pictured as some evil, private cabal of aged but powerful men controlling the destinies of all of mankind with their interlocking directorates and backroom deals, well it might be an image from a movie or a novel, but it is not reality. Most of the harm that has been done to our Planet, and to society in general, has been perpetrated by the people who have accused us and our kind of the crime. Projection is the worst kind of evil, projection is the basis for the absolute lie known as ‘original sin’.

Was there a Rite of the Palladium? There were rites of its kind, certainly, in Continental Europe. That has been covered (in sorts) by pseudo-“scholars” such as Ellic Howe and Francis King. Although there are more recent studies which can be seen to be far more reliable, we will refrain from referring to them until we have obtained and read them. In reality, if there were such a group or groups, it should make absolutely no difference to people today, in particular, people who seem to think that their flocks of followers would be benefited with such knowledge, which in fact they would not be. The impact of operatives like Leo Taxil can be seen today on the Internet.

And, did the Secret Rites practiced by Pike and his select company of co-conspirators, as people like Lyndon LaRouche insist, lead to the creation of the Ku Klux Klan? Probably not. It is true, the AASR has the 21°… and the Legenda for that Degree is quite interesting! But, there was much too much at stake for Al to go in for a bunch of nonsense like that! Someone who penned one of the first English language translations of the Zend Avesta and the Vedas would have found such a pursuit a mere waste of time.



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