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Comments and Sources
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THE PROBLEM is not that Albert Pike allegedly held court over a select group of highly influential people, in his Satanic Synagogue…The problem is that people are willing to believe such an allegation. The Pope was fooled, and ended up excommunicating Pages when he was informed of the deception. This does not reach the closed minds of those who choose to trash Masonry. The Fundagelicals would rather believe the Lie than accept the truth.

One of the stories in the Leo Taxil/Pages/de la Rive/Rosen/Domenico Margiotta material is that the Palladium held court in the inner sanctum of the Supreme Council in Charleston, and on every De Molay Day (March 11), Mackey received an oracle from the flaming skull of De Molay, spirited away to America by Hyman Isaac Long. But, when these events would have been taking place, the Supreme Council was located in Washington D.C., Pike was a lawyer in Washington.

Perhaps one of the best accounts of the scandal is given in Waite’s New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry. Even though we don’t care too much for Waite, he is useful at times. He also devoted an entire book to the subject, called Devil Worship in France, a book that is extremely rare, and the one copy we saw was fetching a price tag of $500, three or four years ago. An interesting aside to the event can be found in Louis T. Cullings’ Sex Magick (Llewellyn Publishing Co.). The antimasonic accounts can be found in Occult Theocracy, in Warren Weston’s Father of Lies(related items that is, the story itself isn’t touched.); more recent allegations can be found in Pat Robertson’s New World Order, though we don’t recommend you buy it new. Robertson bases his allegations against Pike on the same hack-writers from the early 20th Century e.v., like Edith Starr Miller, Nesta Webster, and “Inquire Within”… We haven’t read Holley, but we are sure it contains the same amount of swill. Another source of lies is Texe Marrs, whose Dark Secrets of the New Age should be subtitled “A Book of Outright Falsehoods.”

We can add some more documents to the list, however, we shall refer the interested reader to our Albert Pike related Links Page, where a wide range of materials can be found, including some materials on Leo Taxil, deliberate concoctions of the Fundamentalists, tributes written by sincere Freemasons, and pieces of real Americana.

Lyndon Larouche has come out against the esteemed former Grand Commander. Larouche has a conspiracy theory that blames everything bad on the Freemasons, Pike, Crowley, and the Illuminati, and includes a lot of genius in the list of defendants. That is, Popular Culture, Rock Music, Modern Art, Mystical Philosophy, the New Age Movement, etc., are part of the same evil that got us Watergate, and all the rest…Who’s to blame? The Illuminati, of course. And, the Freemasons, most notably Albert Pike. According to Anthony Chaitkin, of Executive Intelligence Review, on a radio broadcast from April, 1998 e.v., on KPFA Berkeley, on Wendell Harper’s “What’s the Verdict?” hour, we find out that Al Pike helped found the KKK, and he was such a war criminal during the American Civil War, that he had to escape to Canada, that he was in with the Brits and was responsible for Lincoln’s Assassination…pretty nasty stuff. Well, the people most likely to be associated with Lincoln’s Assassination were not Albert Pike, but were people like Thurlow Weed, who helped get Lincoln the nomination. To all Masonic historians, the name Thurlow Weed is tinged with infamy, for it was Thurlow Weed who was a big mover and shaker in the AntiMasonic movement in the 1820s-1840s e.v., and we can see a pattern that has been with the Republican Party since its inception, for the Anti Masonic Party became the Know Nothing Party(a damn good name), and finally became known as the Republican Party, by 1854 e.v. Pike, a devout southern Whig, used his Arkansas newspaper to denounce the Know Nothing Party every chance he got. Of course, there are those who make up deliberate falsehoods about Pike, knowing that most of their readers aren’t going to bother with the facts and take the time to look up the historical record, if they have access to it. One good example is a story that mixes up Albert Pike with William Morgan and alleges that Pike was killed in the 1840s e.v. for publishing Masonic Secrets! (Also accessible from the Pike Links Page.)

There is a completely political side to the war against the Order. There is today, and there was at any time in history we care to mention. Just as we have today with the fanatics on the Religious Right (so called), we had the same thing taking place at the outset of the Cold War, covered up by the show business tribunal of the HUAC hearings. And, prior to World War II, when Nesta Webster and her kind were spouting off about the Jewish Peril, which fascist industrialists like Henry Ford (he was a Mason!) used to manufacture public opinion…a lot of Rites and Lodges were put to sleep forever.

In the 19th Century e.v., then, the war began with the alleged abduction and murder of William Morgan, which may or may not have happened. If it happened, it was likely the friends of Thurlow Weed who had something to do with it, rather than the Masons of Batavia. If those Masons had indeed possessed the Mason’s Word and Second Sight, like the old poem says, they might have been able to see ahead to the future, if they did commit the crime. Judging by the events that came about as a result of the Morgan Affair, it would have been better if Morgan had never been born. We got the Mormons, we got the Republicans, and American Society was modified in the wrong direction. And, we got the American Civil War.

So, when people like to pull up the old wives’ tale about Pike holding court in the Secret Synagogue of Satan, it only makes some of us sick and tired. People who are superstitious never (if they are in a state of denial, and a good majority of people are in a state of denial over something in their world) admit that they are superstitious. And, these superstitious people tend to be suspicious or resentful of that which they cannot understand. If somebody else has a clearer picture of the relationship between god and man, or has seemingly amazing powers(like the ability to predict events based upon likely scenarios, much like an insurance actuarial) that person is guilty of being in league with Old Nick. And, if it be discovered that there are some of us who know that our place in the planetary hierarchy in matters religious is a wee bit higher than some of these other people who are asleep in the night of ignorance and folly, then we must be worshippers of the Devil. Because we recognize that Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Moslems and other non-JudaeoChristian religions are entitled to the same amount of respect and reverence as we are expected to revere and respect Judaism or Christianity.

And, we find elements of each useful to us, which we cut and paste as we please making a new picture. That bothers people who believe that there can be only one way, theirs. But they expect others to believe that way because they have a lot of real inner doubts about their one way and they externalize it in the form of a projection which they place on anybody they have occasion to resent.

The war against Intolerance must be waged, because so much is at stake. If we continue to be tolerant of Intolerance, our entire civilization will be destroyed, as the fanatics take each other out. We will be put away or killed, because we fail to believe in the Fundamentalist lie. It is a MindWar. It is not a physical battle, with guns. It is a war of wits, Psychological Warfare.

It behooves the person(s) responsible for stocking their Lodge Libraries to acquire publications that deal with the art of Psychological Warfare (after all, isn’t Rhetoric one of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, in the Degree of Fellow Craft, and on the Kadosh Ladder?), such as Sun Tsu’s brilliant The Art of War, or Propaganda, by Jacques Ellul. There are more recent works, and works which deal with the subject more practically. The writings of Noam Chomsky, deal with this subject, especially with the subject of the manufacturing of consent, or public opinion. Good works on Semantics and Linguistics are on order, because the roots of the Cold War personality type lie in Linguistic constructs. The either/or mindset is grounded in us when we are children, and reinforced by society who cannot see past the next brick in the sidewalk. Alfred Korzybsky’s Science and Sanity is still an important work. Works on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are also to be sought after. The Warrior’s Edge, by John Alexander et. al. is an excellent work.

Part of the Cold War mentality was to use the worst elements of the enemy’s behavior patterns against the people of the United States. That is, to dumb down society, make society dependant upon bread and circus, television and buying things they never needed, making them fat, drunk, in debt and generally unhappy and scared about the war going on with the pinkos. Of course we can’t say that Soviet occupied states were encouraging people to get fat, buy things, etc., but they used their massive “sports” and “cultural” programs to effect the same end. Any real genius was stamped out or condemned as subversive. When a person got their name put on a list, that meant something, and still does to this day. If the Russians didn’t have all those agents in the State Department, well, by God, we’ll make it up, because we need headlines. We need to make it look this way. There is an interesting piece of work, which may be available in specialized libraries, entitled A Psychological Warfare Casebook, by Daugherty and Janowitz, Johns Hopkins Press. It sets forth the rationale and the modus operandi for persons creating propaganda during the early Cold War. In fact, Psychological Warfare was also defined as Cold War. It was also regarded as the war for the minds and souls of mankind. That is like the bogus Contract with America, which was written on toilet paper.

We will write again on these subjects at length, because so much has to be said, even more has to be accomplished.

Anyone interested in these subjects can find plenty of research material if they dig through the sources we quoted above. There is so much more, but a lot of it we don’t possess.

We would be interested in receiving material from people who have information on the subjects discussed in this essay. We would also like to extend the dialogue, with people who are concerned about the potentials outlined herein.

We see it as no idle threat. We would like to shrug it off, and say they’re all a bunch of yelling idiots, but people did that some 60 to 70 years ago and look what happened then. At present, we don’t have anything to sell, but we are working on it. Nor do we have anything to buy anything with! We do not want to hear from you if your mind is closed, or if you would like to tear us to pieces over a word or a phrase, or an idea you disagree with. Sure, we are opinionated, and tend to say things which make people uncomfortable. We are in great company.


So, was Albert Pike REALLY in France on July 14, 1889 e.v.? Or did he REALLY issue a circular to certain Freemasons of the highest degrees within the AASR? Our answer is emphatically no, but that is not really what the question means. The question is, really, do the fundagelicals need to relentlessly attack, slander, libel, and defame any and every person, organization, or idea that embraces the liberation of the spirit? The answer, again, is NO! In fact, Hell NO!

We offer recommendations for the benefit of the Order as a whole, and only to those who are capable of taking what we have to offer and using it for, and not against, the Order. Also, this extends to all elements of the Esoteric Tradition. Esoterica is often categorized as being one thing, with all its many branches leading towards the same goals. Usually in a nefarious context. But, like races, nations, and peoples, the Esoteric Tradition is not just one thing. It consists of several different groups, several different individuals, several different goals. Freemasonry has never been one thing, one group, one goal. That is the beauty of it. It exists for the benefit of the locality in which it finds itself.

If you find the materials referred to above useful, and would like to network with us, we would be honored, because it is only through extending the dialogue outwards and across the entire landscape that your organization, and those of us who support or revere these institutions (talk about traditional family values!) and who would like to see a return to a lodge-centered society, but with perhaps a bit more anonymity than was afforded in the early 19th Century e.v…. through this networking we can work wonders, and it is only through human endeavor that the Great Work shall be accomplished, and It shall.

A lot of things will have to be re-arranged in order that the Lost Word can again be pronounced accurately and correctly. But the Lost Word is for real, and the key to its pronunciation is within our grasp. We speak metaphorically, of course. Al Pike once wrote in the Legenda for the 28° that when the Scottish Rite fails to truly initiate, the Order’s raison d’etre will come to an end.

Restore the Initiation to what it was meant to be, but keep it with the times. The Stuart Monarchy is a lost cause. The Line of Benjamin will probably never rule the throne of Israel, and the Merovingians will probably never rule France. Does it really matter? Hard work, vigilance, perseverance, attention to duty, loyalty, fidelity…are these not the lessons of Initiation? Outside of the really esoteric teachings pertaining to Occult Science, these are the really important issues, and their importance is true today as we write this down… If more national leaders were true Freemasons, the kind of swill we get subjected to every day just would not be taking place in Washington. Maybe in some other city, like Las Vegas, which is acceptable, but not in the city named after America’s most prominent Freemason.

Harold K. Taylor
P. O. Box 897
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