Links to some related subject matter

Links to some related subject matter.

Here we present links to sites that have information, some of it related to the materials presented in this essay, others related to Pike’s biography, and of course, some of the kook sites.

A Guide to Cherokee Confederates — has material on Pike’s Indian campaign during the Civil War.

A History and Mythos of the Knights Templar – The Leo Taxil Hoax. The title says it all…

Albert Pike – Bible — one of the kook sites.

Albert Pike Camp 1439— Gen Albert Pike,CSA — check this out.

Albert Pike DeMolay Bodiesthis is a general listing of the Albert Pike DeMolay Bodies.

Albert Pike — a biography, from an excellent New Mexico educational site. Deals primarily with Pike’s time in New Mexico. This site also has biographical data on our ancestor Kit Carson, also a Freemason.

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul – Esoteric Philosophy – Master Index – ALBERT — has a short piece by Pike explaining the Labours of Herakles.

The Curse of Baphomet — This disgusting, but humorous little Chick tract has gotten a lot of mileage. Not only does it rely on the Leo Taxil fraud, it tries to tie Pike’s Satanic cultus to Aleister Crowley… Maybe someday someone will make a movie of it.

Do Freemasons Worship Satan? No, but they sure can drive funny cars when they become Shriners.

EAF Authors — Albert Pike — Early American Fiction. Describes Pike’s literary career.

Humanum Genus. The Infamous encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, condemning Freemasonry, Natural Religion, Democratic Thought, Free Thinking, in short, anything reasonable and good.

Is it true what they say about Freemasonry? — by Art de Hoyos and S. Brent Morris. Excellent.

Legenda XIX° — An excellent short lecture by Pike on the spiritual principles of Freemasonry.

Leo Taxil. From a French Site.

Leo Taxil – A Hoaxer of Genius. An excellent article by Alec Mellor. Transcribed from the original ASCII text obtained from Hiram’s Oasis, and published to Acrobat Portable Data Format (pdf) File, for the benefit of those like us, who are interested in accessing this priceless material.

masonicinfolink — an informational site devoted to presenting the truth about Freemasonry, by Freemasons. Has an extensive section on the Anti-Masonry crusade, with dossier-like entries on the key players in the game.

Mensionization Complementation, Nature of Alchemy — Al Pike on Alchemy, taken from Morals and Dogma.

Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Arkansas, Free and Accepted MasonsThis great institution devotes a lot of its time to placing special emphasis on Albert Pike.

New Biography Of Albert Pike Depicts The Whole Man

Nucamrn — This is a biography of certain members of the Cameron clan, most specifically the famous head doctor in Canada, and of course, the director of the recent film, “The Titanic”… this one has Pike being murdered for exposing Masonic secrets… even before he was named Sovereign Grand Commander of the AASR!

Pike’s Alphabets – Deniart Systems Fonts for the Ages — The fonts used in Pike’s Book of the Words, and others. This whole website is devoted to ancient and esoteric alphabets and has links to an bookshop, carrying books related to the fonts they create and sell. Quite good.


St. John’s Day Among The Creek–A Rediscovered Speech Of Albert Pike — a Masonic article introducing a speech Pike gave.

The 23 Lives Of Albert Pike — A Masonic site, describing Pike’s career.

The Civil War in Arkansas – Places Pea Ridge — This is the battle in which Pike employed the Indians.

The Confessions of Leo Taxil. The Scottish Rite journal, Heredom, recently published a translation of Leo Taxil’s confession, originally published right after he made it.

The Mission of Albert Pike — from a genealogical site.

Was Albert Pike REALLY in France on July 14, 1889? — an Antiquities of the Illuminati Report, by Harold K. Taylor.

Send us links that you think would belong on this page. This is by no means all that there is!

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