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1776 ORDO ILLUMINATI — Excellent Site. Five Stars.

membersonlysmall  A Bavarian Illuminati Primer.

Adam Weishaupt – The New World Order And Utopian Globalism

Adam Weishaupt – U Penn

Adam Weishaupt — In German.

Alien Identities Millennium Apocalypse Files aliens, MJ12, underground bases, Mars, Cydonia, ufos, Satan, Antichrist, globalist … more doings of the Illuminati are reported here…

Anti-Illuminati’s Homepage – (Top) Secret Information

Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Catholic Encyclopedia ILLUMINATI — the article from the Catholic Encyclopedia. After all, they should know.

Christians & Conspiracy Theories A Call to Repentance

Dances with Devils.  David Icke. At

David Icke’s website. Living proof that taking this stuff too seriously can lead to brain damage. Although his animated pictures of Bubba and the “W” (probably using Kai’s Power Goo) are fun.

D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D – THE NEW WORLD ORDER – Koinonia House

Doc Hambone’s site.

Endtime Deception Homepage

FINAL WARNING A History of the New World Order

membersonlysmall  Freemasonry and the French Revolution

Freemasonry, Illuminati and early French Communism

membersonlysmall  History of the Bavarian Illuminati — some of the basic info, from various sources, and from several Masonic sources.


http– — more “doings” of the Illuminati…

http– — Did Adam Weishaupt take the place of George Washington?


Illuminati – 666 — secrets of the “Conspiracy” revealed

Illuminati Conspiracy

membersonlysmall  Illuminati dominate European Masonry – OBIE

Illuminati Invitation  — come and join. Be sure to have that cash ready in the box in your back yard.

Illuminati Links

Illuminati Membership

Illuminati, New World Order, Area 51, United Nations, UN, Pink Elephants, Federal Reserve, Anthony J. Hilder, Free World Allian


Illuminati Pages

Independent Agents of the Illuminati — absolutely brilliant.

Jack Sarfatti’s autobiographical material.  This tells some interesting stories, pertaining to the 1970s, mostly, and up into the 1980s. These scientists are really part of the Tradition we are covering.

Leading Edge Research Group. Of course, the Illuminati is behind everything bad in the world. It couldn’t be ignorant stupid people.

Letter from our President. — a Letter from Adam Weishaupt IX.  — resources on the attacks of Anti-Masons. Has a section on the Illuminati, downplaying the role of Weishaupt and the Illuminati, but really this is an important site, since it catalogues all the kooks and crackpots.

Matrix Conspiracies.  Has links to various Conspiracy stories pertaining to the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Mind Control, the Illuminati & the JFK Assassination  — also from Parascope.

Myron Fagan’s Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations

New World Order Quotes – Illuminati Plans in their own words – NWO Quotes from great men of history – NWO conspiracy secret soc


Texe Marrs.  There is an article in the February 1998 e.v., issueof his “newsletter”, in which he writes about Ira Einhorn. Ira Einhorn was an agent of the Illuminati, when he organized Earth Day in 1970 e.v., and when he got the government interested in Psychic Research. Yeah yeah yeah. Albert Pike, of course was the head of the Illuminati, and, too, so was Aleister Crowley, and Ira Einhorn and of course today, Bill Clinton is a member in good standing. In fact, 666 = 1998, was the watchword of the day, not so long ago, until 1998 came and went. And, Bill Gates is the antichrist, even selling a product early in his career for $666, and we can’t forget how “evil” Lucent Technologies is, or Oracle Software, or Parker Hannifin, who once had a company called Lucifer… “Corn beef hash… i.e., food suitable for Americans.” — Aleister Crowley.

The Abolitionists & the Illuminati

The Degree List, based on Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy.

The Illuminati (Courtesy of William Cooper)

membersonlysmall  The Illuminati Exposed

The Illuminati, from the Underground Streams Website.

The Illuminati Outline of History.

The Illuminati’s Role in the New World Order

The Konformist – The Illuminati and EgyptAir Flight 990

The Myron Fagan link. Also, we have found some more of the Myron Fagan material, on the Illuminati. (See our extract from Roy Livesey’s Understanding the New Age, in Was Albert Pike REALLY in France on July 14, 1889? elsewhere at this site.)

The Present-Day Illumimati Theory

The Skeptic’s Dictionary article on the Illuminati.

The Straight Dope Secrets of the Illuminati the May Day li

membersonlysmall  The Writings of Adam Weishaupt and select Letters of Correspondence between Illuminati Members.

Thirst for Justice — The Illuminati  — Myron Fagan.


Web of Conspiracy — ancient aliens and ufos in history, alien conspiracy and new world order – paranoid conspiracy ufos illumi … and more!


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