The Legacy of the GIft


Is there some kind of Secret embedded in famous works of art or in the geometry of sacred places? Is there more to the Rituals of Freemasonry than meets the eye? Are works like Holy Blood, Holy Grail make-believe, or are they bringing the public up to date regarding little-known facts concerning our past? Is there something special about certain bloodlines, or is it merely propaganda? Who are the Nephilim? Considering a lot that has been written of late, it’s high time someone came forward with honest research that makes sense of the matter. In The Legacy of the GIFT, Mr. Sellers relates discoveries he made while studying some rare Masonic works vis-a-vis the more popular accounts. You too shall see that there are some rather peculiar words in certain rituals of Freemasonry that, on the surface are not that earth-shaking, until you follow the trail Mr. Sellers lays out for you and perhaps you, too, shall come to the same conclusions he did.


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